How many authors do you have to quote?

How many authors do you have to quote?

Several authors or editors are separated in the bibliography by a slash or a semicolon. If there are more than three authors, only the first is given and the others with an et al. referenced for et alii (and others).

How is a quote flagged?

The quoted text is always in quotation marks in a verbatim quote. Please note that the introductory quotation mark is at the bottom and the quotation mark ending the quotation is at the top: “Correct use of quotation marks. “

How do you find out the author of a website?

You may need to click a button that says “Article” or the publisher’s name. This will open the full article with the DOI at the top. You can look up the DOI using the CrossRef search ( Enter the title or author of the article to find the DOI.

How do I find the year of publication of a website?

Often there is an indication of the publication date directly above, below or next to the text of the article. This is especially the case with most blogs. If the date for a particular page cannot be found directly on the page itself, Google can also be asked.

How do I know a reputable source?

Characteristics of a reputable internet source Is the author of the content on the website known or an expert in this field? References, imprint, image material and the operator of a website provide information about the author and the seriousness of the website.

How can I check a website?

You can check the SSL certificate of a website by clicking on the lock or the field in front of “https” in the address line of the browser. You will then be shown who is the owner of the certificate and domain and which certification authority has verified the identity.

How can I check whether a website is secure?

Very easily! You can see the website URL in the top bar in your browser. This begins either with http: // or https. If it is an https: // display, then this is a secure connection, which is also indicated by a lock symbol in the address line.

Is my website secure?

Use a website security verification tool. To quickly verify that a page or specific URL is safe, use an objective website security checker such as Google Safe Browsing.

How do I find out whether a company is reputable?

Check whether a company really exists Here there is the “normal search”, which enables a relatively quick search for the name of the company.

Where can I check the company name?

Check the availability of the company name in the company register or Federal Gazette. German Trademark and Patent Office (DPMA) European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

Who controls the companies?

The implementation of the occupational health and safety organization is checked by the trade inspectorate. It is authorized to enter a company and carry out controls at any time and without prior notification.

Who controls data protection?

The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) is responsible for the collection, processing and use of personal data by public authorities of the federal government.

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