How Many Bags Of Feed For 1000 Layers Per Day

How many bags of feed are required to feed 1000 layers of chickens per feeding? This is determined by the chicken’s laying stage. Feed requirements increase over time. The amount of feed required by a flock of 1000 layers will be around 1890 kg (or 76 bags). 1000 layers will consume 105 gms per day of feed, which is roughly equivalent of ninety kilograms of feed each day.

You will need approximately 1497.6 bags to feed ninety kilograms of birds. Divide this amount by 2 to get your daily feed requirement. Once the birds are at the laying stage, you will be feeding them about 97.5 kg a day. One 1000 gm bag of feed will require approximately 200 pounds. For example, 1000 layers should be fed on 0.02 acres alfalfa each day. This is enough to replace the nitrogen lost by ninety-six-pound broilers.

If you are raising 1000 layers a day, you must make sure that the feed is enriched with essential food values. For example, protein wise layer feed has similar protein levels as grower feed but has extra calcium to ensure clean and crisp eggshells. You should begin feeding your flock with layer feed around twenty weeks of age. Typically, you will feed your chicks approximately forty grams of feed per day for eight weeks.

It costs about Ksh 36 150 to raise 100 layers of chickens. If you sell them at thirty shillings a tray, you could potentially make a profit of up to Ksh 168,850. You would also incur Ksh 164,850 in labour costs. This gives you an idea of the size of the capital outlay needed to raise a thousand layers.

The average person consumes 45 eggs a year. Kenya’s domestic supply is inadequate to meet this demand, so the surplus is imported from Uganda. This gap is a lucrative opportunity to local farmers. In just a few months, you can earn thousands of Naira by raising chickens and paying the cost of their care. In addition, you will have to purchase a flock of chickens, feed, and vaccination schedule. Packages of 1,000-dose fowl typhoid vaccines are available.

Although every breed of chicken is unique, most layers require one-quarter of a pound of feed for each fully-grown hen. A full pound of feed will last for a week. This number should be used to plan your feed intake. This will allow you to calculate how many bags of feed your chickens require each day. By carefully monitoring their behavior, you will know how much feed to give them each day.

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