How many biological genders are there?

How many biological genders are there?

Only “female” and “male” are not enough. There are more than two genders. This is now recognized in biology.

What is gender inter?

Inter * persons are people who, with regard to their gender, cannot be clearly assigned to one of the medical “norm categories” of either a “male” or a “female” body.

What are gender people?

As gender ([ˈdʒɛndɐ]; Loan word from English) or social gender, gender aspects are summarized that describe a person in society and culture, in contrast to their purely biological gender (English sex).

What does gender indeterminate mean?

January 2020 it will also be possible to specify an indeterminate gender or a third gender. As in the birth register, the indeterminate gender is defined using the indicator “X = indefinite” and the third gender via the indicator “D = diverse”.

What does the D in job advertisements mean?

The “d” in (m / f / d) stands for “diverse” and means a third gender. This should also explicitly address intersex people in job advertisements.

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