How Many Bud Light Margaritas To Get Drunk

How Many Bud Light Margaritas to Get Drunk

A standard margarita contains about three ounces of liquid, and two to three-and-a-half ounces of alcohol. The total amount of alcohol in a drink depends on your gender, weight, and genetics, as well as whether or not you drink on an empty stomach. It is important to remember that your body will degrade alcohol concentration by about 0.015% per hour.

The physical size of the drinker is also important, because a larger body has hollow legs and a lower blood alcohol concentration. In addition, sex has an effect on the amount of alcohol you need to drink. Biological females are more easily intoxicated than biological males and take fewer drinks to reach the level of intoxication.

A woman weighing 120 pounds can become legally drunk with about five to six cans of the beverage. A man weighing 190 pounds would require around eight to nine bottles. The amount of Bud Light required to get inebriated depends on a person’s natural alcohol tolerance. Those with low tolerances can drink more than one or two Bud Lights and still get drunk.

The average adult will take four to five drinks of Bud Light to reach a BAC of 0.08%. This will take approximately one and a half to two hours for an average man to become drunk. A woman of 160 pounds will need three to four drinks to reach this level.

If you’re wondering how many Bud Light margaritas to get drunk, consider trying the Lime-A-Rita, a re-branded version of the alcoholic beverage. It contains 8 percent alcohol by volume and is best served over ice. The beverage is available in twelve-packs of eight-ounce cans, 24-packs of twelve-ounce bottles, and single-serve cans.

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