How many characters does a line have?

How many characters does a line have?

A standard line is around 40 characters (without spaces) or 50 to 55 keystrokes (with spaces).

How much does translation cost per line?

€0.70 per standard line (1 standard line corresponds to 50-55 characters including spaces). The translation of one page then costs on average €20.00 with an average of 250 words per page.

What is a standard line in translations?

A standard line consists of 50-55 characters including spaces (depending on the basis of calculation) and a standard page consists of 30 such lines. Invoicing is preferably based on the translated text (target text).

How much does the translation cost?

the fee for simple translations is EUR 1.55 plus VAT per standard line (specialist translations cost correspondingly more) non-editable texts (image files, PDFs, faxes) at the increased fee of EUR 1.75 plus

How much does it cost to translate a birth certificate?

In addition, a certification fee applies. The price for the translation of a birth certificate with certification and quality control in the language combination German – English is €61.00. Other language combinations may cost more.

Where can I get my birth certificate translated?

If the authorities require a translated birth certificate, a translation agency is usually commissioned to do so. Since it is a service, the translation of a birth certificate also has its price. How high this is depends primarily on the source and target languages.

How much does it cost to have documents translated?

Price per word: In Germany, certified translations are usually calculated based on the price per line, which is EUR 1.00 or 2.00, depending on the level of difficulty of the language. There may also be a certification fee; depending on the translator and language, this is between 5.00 and 20.00 euros.

How to calculate the translation?

Add the values ​​under “Words” and “Characters (without spaces)” together. This sum of characters is divided by 55. The result is the number of standard lines of this text. Based on the calculated lines, you can now determine the price for the translation.

How much does a translator cost per hour?

TranslationsTranslations•Minimum rate per language30.00 €•Minimum rate for Far Eastern languages65.00 €•Proofreading, editing, revision, copywriting, transcription, European languages ​​/ per hour60.00 €•Individual term lists, Excel spreadsheets / per term0.75 €7

How much does a translator earn per word?

A standard line consists of 55 characters (characters including spaces). For translations in the other direction, i.e. English-German, I charge between €0.12 per word for simple translations and €0.25 for very difficult translations with research and formatting work. All prices are excl.

How much can you charge for translations?

Minimum amount: Due to the administrative effort, some translators and translation agencies have a minimum amount that varies depending on the translator or agency and can be between €30 and €120 for different types of jobs.

How much does an interpreter cost in court?

Costs for interpreting per hour: from €55.00 plus travel expenses and VAT. Daily rate for simultaneous interpreting: from €490.00 plus travel expenses, accommodation and VAT.

Who pays for interpreters in court?

Costs. Germany: The remuneration of the court interpreter is regulated in the Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act. In criminal proceedings, the cost of an interpreter is usually borne by the state treasury, even if the accused is convicted.

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