How Many Chb In 1 Bag Cement Philippines

When it comes to how many chb are in a bag of cement, you might be wondering if you can make 3000 blocks with one bag of cement. However, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. It all depends on the thickness and mix ratio of your blocks. In the Philippines, the most common masonry type is Concrete Hollow Block (CHB). Basically, this material consists of cement and 5 parts sharp sand.

A typical wall will require approximately 200 mm blocks that are 8 inches thick. 1500 blocks are required to build a wall 50 meters long. The ratio of concrete and mortar is 1:6. For a brickwork, one square meter equals 10 concrete blocks and 120 bricks. The ratio of mortar and cement is usually one to six. For a masonry wall, it’s important to use a 1:6 mortar.

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