How many CP for a bachelor thesis?

How many CP for a bachelor thesis?

The bachelor thesis can be written in German and / or English. The number of pages should correspond to the total amount of work (10 CP) of the bachelor thesis (if necessary, consultation with the supervisor).

How many credit points do you need for BAfög?

Bachelor and master courses are usually structured in such a way that 30 credit points are achieved in each semester. After the fourth semester, you should theoretically have 120 credit points together.

How much is 30 ECTS per semester?

* 30 ECTS = 750 hours

How many modules in a semester?

For me personally (!) The bottleneck is the transition from 2 to 3 modules per semester. In my opinion, 2 modules are feasible, even if they still require a lot of hard work, and you can pass them with “good”. The third module was unfortunately always a hanging part for me.

How long do credit points last?

“They don’t expire,” explains Wilhelmer. However, there are now no more certificates for passed seminars, but rather credit points. And it may well be that previously acquired services are no longer needed.

How long are coursework valid?

In theory, it is also possible to have coursework credited from 30 years or more, but the older the coursework becomes, it becomes more difficult to have it recognized, as the content and methods of the subject may have changed.

How do you calculate the credit points?

As a rule, the number of credit points depends on the examinations you have completed. You will usually receive 1 to 2 credit points for a lecture in which you only have to be present.

How many credit points do I have?

ECTS points are earned in individual modules within the course. The number of ECTS points can vary depending on the module. ECTS points: Bachelor: 180–240… .ECTS points in Bachelor and Master.ECTS pointsBachelor180–240Master60–12

How are ECTS points calculated?

There are module grades and an overall Bachelor grade. The overall Bachelor grade is calculated in the same way by adding the module grades weighted with the ECTS points and dividing the total by the total number, 180 ECTS points. The grades are calculated exactly to two decimal places, i.e. not rounded.

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