How many credit points do I have?

How many credit points do I have?

ECTS points are acquired in individual modules within the course. Depending on the module, the number of ECTS points can vary. ECTS points: Bachelor: 180240….ECTS points in the Bachelor and Master.ECTS pointsBachelor180240Master60

How do credit points work?

One credit point corresponds to around 25 to 30 hours of work. For a seminar with 5 CP you invest an average of 125 to 150 hours. For a bachelor’s degree you usually need 180 credit points. You can earn up to 120 credit points in master’s programs.

How many credits do you need for a bachelor’s degree?

As a rule, you complete your bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS. That means you have to achieve an average of 30 credit points per semester. The longer the standard period of study, the more points you will have when you graduate. Bachelor’s degrees with 210 and in rare cases even 240 ECTS are also possible.

What does 180 ECTS points mean?

Performance points (= credit points) are awarded as ECTS points in the European higher education area. If one transfers this award of points to the standard period of study of a bachelor’s degree (at least three and at most four years), at least 180 and at most 240 ECTS points must be proven.

How is the grade of the bachelor thesis composed?

Basically, the grade of the bachelor thesis is based on the assessment of two examiners: The first examiner is usually the supervisor. The second examiner also gives a grade. The final grade of the work is calculated from the arithmetic mean of these values.

How are the grades composed?

The certificate grade is determined from written and oral grades. The written grade is formed from the grades of the class work/exams. The oral grade is formed from the course contributions.

How do I calculate my master’s grade?

In general, the grade is weighted (multiplied) by the respective number of credit points, then summed up and then divided by the sum of all credit points.

How to calculate ECTS?

The overall Bachelor’s grade is calculated in the same way by adding the module grades weighted with the ECTS points and dividing the sum by the total number, 180 ECTS points. The grades are calculated to two decimal places, i.e. not rounded. (3.3*3 +1.7*3 + 2.3*3 + 2.0*3 + 2.7*3) / 15 = 2.40 so “good”.

How many hours for 1 ECTS?

One credit corresponds to a workload of 25-30 hours (student workload). A full-time study year with 60 ECTS points therefore comprises 1500-1800 hours. We recommend that regular students acquire 30 ECTS points per semester.

How many ECTS are 2 SWS?

One ECTS point represents a total of 30 hours of work: Lecture + preparation + follow-up + exam preparation. 30 ECTS points are accepted per semester. SWS can be converted into ECTS: 1 SWS ~ approx. 1.5 ECTS points.

How many SWS are ECTS?

Lecture time: 14 weeks per semester Student working time (target): 22.5 weeks per semester 1 hour of teaching (SWS) lasts 45 minutes Quantitative study effort (target): 900 working hours per semester 1 ECTS point corresponds to 30 hours of work per semester 30 ECTS Give points.

How much is 2 SWS?

If a lecture lasts the whole semester and there is one lecture hour every week, that is one semester week hour (SWS). Since the lecture period lasts 14 weeks in the summer semester and 16 in the winter semester, that’s an average of 15 hours. If the lecture is 2 hours, that is 2 SWS. And now it gets complicated.

How many SWS is normal?

In the later semesters, the hours per week should be increased to around 20, which would mean a total of 40 hours per week. This puts you well on average and you can finish your studies relatively early, which is probably the goal of most students.

What are SWS and ECTS?

The processing effort of a course is given in semester hours per week (SWS). Examination achievements for 4 + 2 SWS courses are rated with 10 credit points (ECTS points). One ECTS point corresponds to a workload of approx.

What does SWS mean when studying?

A semester hour is one lecture hour (45 minutes) that is attended every week during the entire lecture period.

How many SWS Bachelor?

The 5 theory semesters comprise 150 credit points, which corresponds to 120 SWS if you apply the factor 1.25 cps/SWS (see above). The fifth semester of a bachelor’s degree is ideal for the practical semester.

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