How Many Days Until August 23 2019

Are you wondering how many days until August 23 2019? You may be curious about the number of days until August 23rd 2019, since August is the day of week. It falls on Friday and is the 234th Day of the Year. It is also the 63rd Day of Summer, which means there are still 31 days until the end. Since August doesn’t have any major holidays, you’ll have 235 days until August 23rd.

For planning your vacation, a calendar for August is helpful. The month and day numbers are provided, along with sunrise and sunset times. The calculator is accurate up to New York City, but may not be accurate for other areas of the United States. If you’d like to see the exact date for another area, choose the city from the drop-down menu above. It will show you the sunrise and sundown times, as well as the position of the moon.

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