How many ECTS can you do per semester?

How many ECTS can you do per semester?

ECTS points in the bachelor’s and master’s degree In a three-year bachelor’s degree, 30 credit points are collected per semester.

How many ECTS are possible?

60 ECTS. The general tenor was that 30 ECTS def. possible are. Of course, this depends on the respective work situation!

How many ECTS after 4 semesters?

Bachelor and master courses are usually structured in such a way that 30 credit points are achieved in each semester. After the fourth semester, you should theoretically have 120 credit points together. Now it can be a little different in your degree program.

How many ECTS per semester for BAfög?

Normally, 30 ECTS credits are allocated per semester in bachelor’s and master’s programs. You should therefore have achieved 120 ECTS credits by the end of the fourth semester. Fewer points are often sufficient for a successful BAföG performance certificate.

How many credit points do you need for BAfög?

1 BAföG can be issued positively if the student has 135 credit points after five semesters and 165 credit points after six semesters (105 credit points each + 30 credit points for each semester after the fourth semester).

Until when proof of BAfög?

Attention: Not all departments have informed the BAföG offices how many ECTS points are required. Then form 5 is necessary! When does the proof of performance have to be presented? In the fourth month of the fifth semester at the latest, proof of performance must be provided by the end of the fourth semester.

When does KfW proof of performance?

The KfW performance record is due at the end of the 6th semester or a maximum of two weeks after the end of the funding period.

How long can you get BAfög?

In principle, you will receive BAföG for as long as your standard period of study lasts. Usually the standard period of study is 6 semesters for the Bachelor and 4 semesters for the Master.

How many credits should you do per semester?

You collect around 30 credit points per semester – with a six-semester Bachelor, that makes a total of 180. Behind this are 900 hours of work per semester and 5400 hours to graduation.

How many hours a credit point?

1 CP corresponds approximately to a weekly working time of 1.6 hours (=> 48-hour / 6-day week). A student can acquire 30 CP each semester (15 hours per year).

How long do credit points last?

“They don’t expire,” explains Wilhelmer. However, there are now no more certificates for passed seminars, but rather credit points. And it may well be that previously acquired services are no longer needed.

How long are coursework valid?

In theory, it is also possible to have coursework credited from 30 years or more, but the older the coursework becomes, it becomes more difficult to have it recognized, as the content and methods of the subject may have changed.

How long are ECTS valid?

30 ECTS credits per semester. As a rule, the students achieve a total workload of 900 hours per semester. The Bachelor level comprises 180 ECTS credits and takes three years for full-time students.

How are credit points made up?

During your Bachelor and Master studies you will attend lectures, seminars and exercises. For this you will receive credit points (CP), also called performance points (LP). The number of credit points awarded depends on the amount of work you have to do for the respective event.

How are ECTS points calculated?

There are module grades and an overall Bachelor grade. The overall Bachelor grade is calculated in the same way by adding the module grades weighted with the ECTS points and dividing the total by the total number, 180 ECTS points. The grades are calculated exactly to two decimal places, i.e. not rounded.

How many credit points?

As a rule, you complete your bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS. This means that you have to achieve an average of 30 credit points per semester. The longer the standard period of study, the more points you will have at the end of your degree. Bachelor degrees with 210 and in rare cases even 240 ECTS are also possible.

How many credit points do you get for the bachelor thesis?

How many credit points do I get for the bachelor thesis? You will receive 8 CP and a grade for the bachelor thesis you have passed. This grade is of course included in the overall grade of the Bachelor’s degree.

How many credit points do you need for the bachelor thesis?

In order to start the bachelor thesis, at most universities it is necessary to have at least ¾ of the ECTS or credits.

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