How many footnotes should a term paper have?

How many footnotes should a term paper have?

As a rule of thumb, I would use 5-10 footnotes per page. But that also depends on what you represent. If a dispute is currently being portrayed, there can be more.

What kind of rights are there in Germany?

Article 1 – Protection of human dignity, human rights, binding of fundamental rights Article 2 – Free development of personality, right to life, physical integrity, freedom of the person (see also triad of barriers) Article 3 – Equality before the law (see also equal rights)

What rights are there?

Your Rights at a Glance Preamble. Article 1 (Freedom, Equality, Solidarity) Article 2 (Prohibition of Discrimination) Article 3 (Right to Life and Freedom) Article 4 (Prohibition of Slavery and the Slave Trade) Article 5 (Prohibition of Torture) Article 6 (Recognition as a legal person) Article 7 (equality before the law)

What kind of rights do we have?

Civil rights include, for example, the right to move freely in our country, the right to assemble and the right to choose a profession. There are freedoms, equality rights and inviolability rights. The basic rights are not abstract, but you come across them again and again in everyday life.

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