How many hours a day should you study for the Abitur?

How many hours a day should you study for the Abitur?

Personally, I plan to study around 3-4 hours a day up to my Abitur (up to the first exam is 2 1/2 weeks, up to the last a little over a month) and I started a little while at school for the subjects to learn.

How many hours do exam preparation study?

Exam: pure study time Monday to Friday 7 hours, the last 9 months before the exam usually written an exam on Saturday. Consistently free on Sundays, except for the last two Sundays before the exam.

How much do I study the day before the exam?

Complete the active phase of preparation at least three days before the actual exam. If you haven’t internalized the most important facts, you won’t get them into your head at the last minute, especially not into your long-term memory.

What should I do the day before the exam?

A good start to the day On the day of the exam, you should start your day as good and relaxed as possible. Make sure that, even if the exam is relatively early, you have enough time in the morning to have breakfast in peace (a good breakfast can really work wonders!) And to get ready stress-free.

What helps before the exam?

So it can help to practice exam situations regularly. Mock exams and oral exams with friends under realistic conditions are a good way to overcome exam anxiety. It can also help to write down your worst fears right before an exam.

How can you calm down before the exam?

If you are too excited for it shortly before an exam, you can calm down with other last-minute helpers. Many students still swear by home remedies such as valerian drops, Bach flowers or St. John’s wort. Those who are used to it “should do it themselves in the exam,” says psychologist vom Scheidt.

What to do in the event of a blackout in the exam?

Fear of exams Countermeasures: Don’t panic! As soon as the fear arises, it helps briefly to “stop! Set priorities. Start with the easiest of tasks. Control attention. Breathe away stress. Relax muscles. Change perspective. Admit blackout.

What can you do about fear of the driving test?

Before the practical driving test, it can be helpful to warm up a little. Many driving schools also offer driving lessons in the morning, or you can drive the few kilometers from the driving school to the TÜV yourself.

How can you get a grip on your nervousness?

Nervousness is associated with an increased breathing rate; Conversely, calm breathing can relieve nervousness. Sometimes it helps to just take a deep breath. The 4-7-8 breathing technique goes one step further. Inhale through your nose counting to 4.

How do I get my restlessness under control?

Fighting inner anxiety: what can you do to reduce the stress in your everyday life. Do relaxation exercises. Use the effects of music. Live in the here and now. Give yourself regular breaks. Get more exercise. Confide in someone. Rely on the power of laughter.

What can you take to calm you down?

The following plants are most often used to calm down and prevent sleep disorders: Valerian, hops, St. John’s wort, balm and passion flower.

What can you do about stage fright?

15 tips against stage fright excitement – nobody but you notices. Cheat sheet allowed. Be there early enough. Take a deep breath. Insider tip: drinking cure. Music in the ears. Relaxation exercises against tension. A sonorous voice.

What can I do about stage fright while singing?

5 tips against stage fright Simple but effective: Practice the piece until you know it inside out, and try to calm down again shortly before the performance. Learning by doing: If you often play in front of an audience, you will lose your nervousness over time.

How can you calm down before a presentation?

Before starting the presentation, consciously remember something beautiful that you have experienced. For example, think of someone you particularly like. Think of a great personal achievement. It’s also calming when you chat with some nice listeners, greet them.

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