How many hours are 1 SWS?

How many hours are 1 SWS?

If a lecture lasts for the whole semester and there is one lecture hour every week, this is one hour per week (SWS). Since the lecture period lasts 14 weeks in the summer semester and 16 in the winter semester, that is an average of 15 hours.

How many hours per week should you have?

One assumes 1415 weeks per semester (average from approx. 16 weeks in the winter semester and 1214 weeks in the summer semester, depending on the federal state). That means 14 | 15 * 0.75 = approx. 11 hours of attendance time per SWS.

How much time per ECTS?

One credit point corresponds to a workload of 25–30 hours (student workload). A full-time academic year with 60 ECTS points therefore comprises 1500–1800 hours. We recommend regular students to acquire 30 ECTS points per semester.

How Much is a Credit Point?

1 credit point is roughly equivalent to 25 to 30 hours of work. That means: If you receive 3 credit points for a lecture, you have to invest around 75 to 90 hours of work for the lecture.

What are cp?

The credit points (CP) or credits are awarded within the framework of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for work performed. This includes, for example, completed exams, attended lectures or successfully submitted homework.

Are CP and ECTS the same?

With the system of ECTS points, in contrast to the system of SWS (semester hours per week), the entire study workload is taken into account. 1 CP corresponds to 30 hours. The bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, mechatronics and international industrial engineering comprises 210 CP.

What does 180 ECTS mean?

Credit points are awarded as ECTS points in the European higher education area. If this point allocation is carried over to the standard period of study for a Bachelor’s degree (at least three and no more than four years), evidence of at least 180 and a maximum of 240 ECTS points must be provided.

How many credit points does a Bachelor’s degree have?

How many credit points do I get for the bachelor thesis? You will receive 8 CP and a grade for the bachelor thesis you have passed. This grade is of course included in the overall grade of the Bachelor’s degree.

How many credit points do you need for the master’s degree?

In order to acquire a master’s degree, you have to prove a total of 300 credit points due to the legal requirements from the bachelor’s and master’s degree. However, some students bring only 180 or 210 credit points with them from their first degree and earn 60 or 90 credit points in the part-time master’s degree.

How much does the grade of the bachelor thesis count?

The bachelor thesis is assessed with 8 CP. The overall Bachelor grade is calculated from the artihmetic mean of the individual subject grades and the grade for the Bachelor thesis. When calculating the overall grade, the individual subject grades are weighted once, the grade of the bachelor thesis is weighted twice.

How much does the bachelor thesis count towards the overall grade?

The module grades weighted according to cp then make up 75% of the overall grade, the other 25% are the bachelor thesis and the colloquium, weighted according to cp. So sit down and read the examination regulations, that is the basis for assigning grades and that’s what it says in there!

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