How many interviews for a master’s thesis?

How many interviews for a master’s thesis?

In addition, the number of interviews depends on whether it is a bachelor thesis, master thesis or some other project. For a 3-month bachelor thesis, 5-8 interviews are a good guideline. For master’s theses 8-15 interviews.

What is a guided interview?

The guideline-supported interview (also: guideline interview) is about a subject, more precisely: a survey technique that is used by experts to conduct qualitative empirical social research (e.g. as part of a bachelor thesis, a master’s thesis or a diploma thesis).

Why an interview?

Through interviews, you can also provide a good platform for dry topics, as long as you ask the right questions. The interview not only gives the readers answers to their question, but also a compact and at a glance many other important information related to the question.

What is a narrative?

The word “narrative” simply translated means “narrative”. “A narrative is a meaningful narrative that influences the way in which the environment is perceived. It transports values ​​and emotions, is usually related to a certain cultural area and is subject to change over time.

What can you ask in an interview?

Tell us something about yourself. What are your personal goals? Why do you want to change? What are your personal strengths and weaknesses? What gives you particular pleasure? What can get you upset? What hobbies do you have?

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