How many job references should I include with my application?

How many job references should I include with my application?

Job references have the most informative value for HR managers. But here too, applicants should note that a lot doesn’t always help a lot. The current job reference must be sent in any case. In general, it is sufficient to enclose the last three job references with the application.

What do I need for my studies?

Here we introduce you to a few things that you shouldn’t do without in your studies. A laptop is indispensable when studying. Pad and pen. Bag or backpack. Headphone. Cell phone and charging cable. Coffee mug.

What do you have to do before studying?

Check list for the first few weeks before the start of your studies: Register by post or on site. Take care of your semester ticket. Submit a certificate of matriculation to the necessary offices (e.g. at the health insurance company). Clarify your living situation.

What do you need to know as a freshman?

However, with all the requirements, expectations and changes, freshmen often struggle for orientation … What equipment should you bring with you as a freshman? Whoever writes stays. Laptop. Bag / backpack. Power bank. Ear plug.

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