How many lines should a stanza have?

How many lines should a stanza have?

Stanzas can be examined according to different criteria: number and length of verses, meter and rhyme scheme of the final rhyme. For my nursery rhymes I have decided on a very simple strophe form: each stanza has four lines and in almost all rhymes the line corresponds to the verse.

What is a verse simply explained?

A verse is usually the single line of a poem. For this reason, the verse is defined more precisely as the metrically structured line carried by a certain rhythm within the bound speech. This rhythm is determined by the meter.

What is Poetry Simply Explained?

Roughly speaking, poetry is anything that is written or transmitted in the form of a poem. The form is usually short and divided into verses and stanzas. Nevertheless, you will also find poems that are not necessarily tied to rhyme or a rhythmic structure.

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