How many pages are 2000 words in Word?

How many pages are 2000 words in Word?

Number of wordsWord numberPage requirementFont size1,500 words3 pages12 points2,000 words4 pages12 points2,500 words5 pages12 points3,000 words6 pages12 points15 additional lines •

How many book pages are 1000 words?

Basically, however, it can be said that a book page contains around 1,400 1,800 characters including spaces. That corresponds roughly to a word count of 300 380 words per page.

How many a4 pages are 5000 words?

Scope of work: BA seminars and introductory seminars 15 pages (or approx. 5000 words) MA seminars and advanced seminars 20 pages (or approx. 7000 words) The specified scope relates to the pure text (i.e. without cover sheet, table of contents, bibliography) .

How many are 1000 characters in Word?

How many words are 1000 characters? 1,000 characters correspond to around 140 and 150 words in the classic fonts, font size 12 and line spacing 1.0.

How many pages are 35,000 characters?

Scope. Main articles should comprise 10 pages (orientation: approx. 35,000 characters), short articles 4 to 5 pages (approx. 20,000 characters) in 12p proportional font, line spacing 1 (in Word = “simple), including a summary, figures, tables and bibliography.

How many words are 5000 characters?

5 pages written 5000 characters (858 words). You would have to be around the clock, depending on the paragraph, spacing, indentation that depends on the line spacing, font, font size, spacing between the characters and the margin.

How many pages are 120,000 characters?

20 pages), a bachelor thesis has 70,000 characters (approx. 27 pages) and a master thesis has 120,000 – 140,000 characters (approx. 56 – 60 pages).

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