How many pages are there on Google?

How many pages are there on Google?

Google knows 1,000 pages.

How many entries does Google have?

There are more than 2 trillion search queries on Google every year worldwide (source: MOZ.COM). Each user searches an average of 3.4 times per day.

How many pages does Google track?

According to a survey by comScore Media Metrix in December last year, 35 percent of all search queries on the Internet went through Google, compared with 27 percent at Yahoo and 15 percent at MSN. AOL and other Time Warner websites had 16 percent, but most of them also used Google.

How do I find out if my site is indexed?

To check whether a page has also been indexed under https://, the search command “ inurl:https” can be used. Some problem areas can already be identified using Google Webmaster Tools. Crawling the website can provide further information about problems.

Why aren’t all pages indexed by Google?

Make sure that all URLs start with the same domain name as the location of your sitemap, i.e. consistently with www., http or https. Google cannot fully process your sitemap. This happens, for example, when some URLs contain too many redirects that Googlebot cannot retrieve.

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