How many pages does a doctorate have?

How many pages does a doctorate have?

The picture below shows 110 dissertations and their scope. The shortest dissertation is 60 pages, the longest 256 pages. 30% of the dissertations are less than 150 pages. On average, dissertations have 7-8 chapters and 11 pages of appendix.

How long does a doctoral thesis have to be?

There are usually no regulations on the amount of text in a dissertation. The volume varies greatly depending on the area and is between 200 and 500 pages for monographs in the humanities subjects, while in the natural sciences it is only around 30 to 150 pages.

How hard is it to write a doctoral thesis?

It is a lengthy process and the dissertation is extremely demanding. In order to be able to work at a university or other scientific institution later, depends on the quality of the work. A doctorate (PhD) is certainly a plus in many innovative companies.

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