How Many Pieces Of Clothes In 1 Kilo

How many pieces of clothing can you fit into a kilogram? This question is likely to have been asked if you’re trying to lose weight. A kilogram of clothing is equal to two to three medium-sized jeans, three shirts and three pants. One kilo of laundry can hold the same amount of clothes. A washing machine that weighs 7 kg can wash five shirts, three pairs of jeans, and one pillowcase.

The amount of water that is used to produce a kilogram of clothing is astounding, considering that one kg contains just one pair of jeans or a t-shirt. Considering that cotton is the most common textile in the world, the processing and dyeing of it requires vast quantities of water. The world’s 20% industrial water pollution is caused by the garment industry. In fact, five trillion litres of water are used each year for fabric dyeing.

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