How many scholarships does DAAD award?

How many scholarships does DAAD award?

More than 63,000 of the approximately 145,000 recipients come from abroad – the DAAD sees this as proof that Germany is an attractive location for international students. Since 1950, more than a million foreigners have received a DAAD scholarship for a stay in Germany.

How much is the DAAD scholarship?

DAAD grants do not have to be repaid. As a rule, they consist of a monthly grant (currently, for example, 861 euros for graduates and 1,200 euros for doctoral students) and a lump sum for travel expenses.

How do you finance a study abroad?

We have summarized some variants for you: State funding through foreign BAföG. A large number of students finance their studies abroad through the foreign BAföG. Take out an education loan for studying abroad. Finance your studies abroad with a scholarship.


BAföG funding abroad can only be considered if you go abroad for at least six months or one semester. Instead of one semester, it can also be two quarters or one trimester, provided that the duration of the lecture period corresponds to one semester (VwV 5.2.9a).

How do I apply for foreign student loans?

When do I apply for BAföG abroad? At best, the application must be submitted to the relevant BAföG office six months before the start of the semester abroad or at the same time as the application to the foreign university in order to receive the funding on time.

Which forms do I need for AuslandsBAfög?

For the AuslandsBAföG application you need at least the following forms to be completed and signed: Form 1. Form 2 (to be filled out by the university) Form 3 from both parents. Form 4 from both parents. Form 5 (for students who are in the 5th form 6 (from the to be completed at the university) Form 8 (application for advance payments)

How high can the parents’ salary be to get BAföG?

Parents living together have a joint allowance of €1,835 per month. If they are separated, the allowance is €1,225 per month.

How often can you get AuslandsBAfög?

can I also apply twice for an international student loan? Hello, as far as we know, you can basically apply for BAföG abroad twice if you want to take advantage of BAföG in different phases of your education (e.g. in the bachelor’s and master’s degrees).

Who gets AuslandsBAfög?

Who can apply for BAföG abroad? Anyone who does not receive BAföG because their parents have too high an income in Germany can still apply for funding for the stay abroad. The funding amounts are higher for other countries, so support may be possible there.

When do I have to repay the foreign BAfög?

The monthly repayment amount is currently 105 euros, due every three months. Four and a half years after the end of the training, you will receive notification of the repayment. The obligation to repay begins after five years and the foreign BAföG should be repaid within 20 years.

How long is the approval period for BAföG?

BAföG is only ever granted for a limited period of time – the approval period. It begins with the month in which the application is submitted and usually lasts twelve months, but can also be shorter or longer.

How long am I entitled to BAföG?

In principle, you will receive BAföG for as long as your standard period of study lasts. The standard period of study is usually 6 semesters for the bachelor’s degree and 4 semesters for the master’s degree.

By when does the BAfög follow-up application have to be submitted?

The BAföG follow-up application should be submitted two months before the end of the approval period, provided that the studies or school training continue.

How long do you get Bafog?

The BAföG approval period, which is also abbreviated to BWZ, describes the time in which you receive BAföG. Most of the time it is 12 months, i.e. 2 semesters, since you are usually funded for a maximum of one year. You then have to submit a follow-up application. But there are also exceptions.

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