How many sources should a thesis have?

How many sources should a thesis have?

The number of pages of the scientific paper is taken as a guideline: A paper that contains approx. 40 pages should contain approx. 40 sources.

How many sources in the bibliography?

How many sources you list in the bibliography of your bachelor thesis is basically up to you. In many humanities subjects, the rule of thumb is to use approx. 2-3 sources per written page!

How many sources per page?

There is no guide to how many sources should be included in a bachelor thesis. Some universities give an assessment of around 3-5 sources per page, but this can vary greatly depending on the course and topic of the bachelor thesis.

Does the bibliography have a page number?

The bibliography and the appendix are also given page numbers (see example).

Does the abstract have a page number?

The abstract must be written in the language used in the thesis and contains a maximum of 150 words. Since it is placed in front of the work, it is not included in the calculation of the page numbers.

Does the affidavit have a page number?

No, the affidavit is not given a page number.

What is the number of pages in the introduction?

Afterwards, your entire work should be provided with page numbers. The page of your introduction should now start with page number 1. You can find more detailed information in our article on the formatting of your bachelor thesis.

Does the introduction have a page number?

The pagination (page numbers) begins with the introduction. It is advisable to place the numbers on the top right of the page in a font size of l2pt.

Is the appendix numbered with page numbers?

Basically you should use as few fonts as possible! If there is an appendix: It has no chapter number. In the appendix itself, page numbering is often omitted or a separate number is used (e.g. in Roman numerals). But this also has disadvantages.

Are attachments numbered?

Attachment numbers can be used if one or more attachments are to be added to a cover letter and there is a risk that the attachments will be lost or mixed up unnoticed. Attachment numbers are small numbered pieces of paper.

Is the list of figures numbered?

In the form of a list of figures (Fig. 1) and a heading. In the list of figures, the figure number, the true-to-character title of the figure and the page number on which the figure is located in your work are specified accordingly.

Is the table of contents also numbered?

The cover sheet and the table of contents have no page numbers. Therefore, these pages do not appear in the table of contents of your homework. The first point in the table of contents of your term paper is usually the list of abbreviations. It has the Roman numeral I as a page number.

Is the bibliography numbered in the table of contents?

In addition to the chapters and sub-chapters of your thesis, the table of contents of the term paper also includes the bibliography and, if applicable, the appendix, the list of abbreviations, the list of tables, etc. However, these points are not numbered, only the page numbers.

Which template for the list of figures?

Click in your document where you want to insert the list of figures. On the Insert menu, click Index And Tables, and then click the List of Figures tab. Click Options, and then select the Style check box.

What belongs in a list of figures?

The figures used are listed in the list of figures and the tables used are listed in the list of tables. However, if only a few figures and tables have been used, both can be listed together in a list of illustrations.

How do I get the table of figures into the table of contents?

To do this, click on “Insert table of figures” in the “References” tab. Select your type of lettering, for example “Figure” or “Fig. “And confirm. Your directory is inserted.

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