How many stamps are allowed on a letter?

How many stamps are allowed on a letter?

Deutsche Post does not specify a maximum limit on how many stamps letters can be franked with. One thing is certain, however: only so many stamps may be stuck on that the item can still be read by machine. To do this, the stamps must be stuck in the so-called franking zone.

Can I put more postage on a letter?

Swiss Post doesn’t mind if you pay more than necessary. This is not a problem. And don’t worry: the letter won’t be sent too far. That’s fine.

Is too much postage bad?

Too much postage is not a problem. But there are regions in Germany where there is only limited mail delivery on Mondays.

Can I post higher postage on letters?

Deutsche Post charges 95 cents for a colorful envelope instead of the usual 80 cents. If you want to ensure that the letter arrives, you should either frank it with the higher postage or write the recipient address on a light background. Self-adhesive white labels are suitable for this.

What happens if a letter is not franked sufficiently?

What happens if a letter has no postage or insufficient postage? Insufficient or unstamped items will be returned to the sender. The previously used form of collecting the transport fee (“penalty postage”) from the recipient is no longer used.

Can you send a letter without a stamp?

Sending a letter without a postage: Franking by mobile phone Send an SMS with the content “Letter” or “Postcard” to 22122. You will receive a twelve-digit code via SMS within a few seconds. Write this code legibly on the letter at the top right where the stamp is missing.

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