How many stamps do you need for an a5 letter?

How many stamps do you need for an a5 letter?

Large letter postage always applies from the DIN A5 format. The maximum thickness is 2cm. The maxi letter postage is also valid from A5 format and allows a maximum thickness of 5 cm.

How many stamps do you need on an A4 letter?

The 95-cent stamp is usually sufficient for a mailing of up to eight folded A4 pages.

Are 70 cent stamps still valid?

Yes, the old stamps will remain valid even after the postage increase. However, they then have to be supplemented with additional stamps so that the postage amount is ultimately correct. Deutsche Post offers such stamps for 5, 10, 15 and 20 cents.

How long can you use the old stamps?

Usually for about one and a half to two years. The reason for this restriction was the concern that postage stamps could endanger currency stability. Postage stamps have exactly the monetary value stated on them.

Are the 55 cent stamps still valid?

The old postage for the standard letter weighing a maximum of 20 grams is still valid up to and including December 31st. So customers can confidently drop letters with 55 cents on New Year’s Eve.

Can I still use 60 cent stamps?

I still have 60 cent stamps at home. Can I still use it? Yes, that is completely problem-free. The new 2-cent supplementary stamps can be bought in post offices to increase the postage for the standard letter to 62 cents.

Can I still use the 58 cent stamps?

Sending standard letters is becoming more expensive for the first time in 15 years: From January 1, 2013, the postage will increase to 58 cents. However, old postage stamps will not be invalid. A 58 cent stamp.

Is my stamp still valid?

All postage stamps with the imprint “Germany” issued since 2002 as well as the postage stamps with double denominations issued in 2000/2001 (denomination in pfennigs and euros) are valid.

Are stamps from 2001 still valid?

– So far, all postage stamp issues of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1969 onwards are still valid for postage; Today around 1600 different values ​​can be used for postage purposes. However, the end of postal use of postage stamps in DM currency has already been dated – June 30, 2002.

Can online stamps expire?

Your printed stamps can be used for a long time: INTERNET BRANDS only lose their validity at the end of the third year following the purchase. The relevant purchase date (month / year) is printed on the internet brand. A reimbursement of the postage after expiry of the validity is excluded.

How long is an online stamp valid?

INTERNET BRANDS are valid for three years.

How does postage work online?

How does the INTERNETMARKE work? Select postage & motif. To create your INTERNETMARK, select the postage you want for postcards and letters. Pay. You can top up your postage with PayPal, Giropay or direct debit. Print out and stick on.

How long is franking valid?

Franking Basically yes. Reimbursement of incorrect or unused franking is possible for a maximum of one year.

How long is a DHL online parcel label valid?

How long is the mobile parcel stamp valid? The mobile parcel label or QR code is valid for 30 days. When this period has expired, please contact customer service.

How long is a Hermes online parcel label valid?

The shipping coupons are valid for three years from purchase.

Is franking online cheaper?

On average, the Post has been asking around three percent more for its customers’ mailings since January: The price for a medium-sized parcel weighing up to two kilograms within Germany has been increased from EUR 4.50 to EUR 4.79. Online franking is just 11 cents cheaper for medium-sized parcels.

Can I cancel a DHL package?

You can cancel a shipping label that has already been printed via our customer service. Please give us your shopping cart number. You can find this in the order confirmation above. Please note that cancellation is only possible if the shipping label has not yet been used to send the parcel.

Can I cancel a package brand?

To cancel a DHL parcel label purchased online, you usually have to contact DHL customer service. Unless you want to cancel a parcel stamp that has not yet been opened for printing. Then an online cancellation is possible.

How can I cancel a shipping label on eBay?

You can cancel your unused shipping label up to 14 days after purchase: Go to My eBay. In the Sell section on the left side of the page, select Shipping Labels. Find the label and select the Cancel command in the Actions column.

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