How many stamps on one letter?

How many stamps on one letter?

Deutsche Post does not specify a maximum limit on how many stamps letters can be franked with. One thing is certain, however: only so many stamps may be stuck on that the item can still be read by machine. To do this, the stamps must be stuck in the so-called franking zone.

How long can I use the old stamps?

1969 – 2002: unlimited validity. All postage stamps of the Deutsche Bundespost that were issued after January 1st, 1969, have been valid for postage without restriction since then. There was no expiration date like in previous years.

Can I still use two 70 cent stamps?

Can I continue to use old stamps? Yes, the old stamps will remain valid even after the postage increase. However, they then have to be supplemented with additional stamps so that the postage amount is ultimately correct. Deutsche Post offers such stamps for 5, 10, 15 and 20 cents.

How much can a letter weigh for 80 cents?

LettersLetters dispatch in Germany Standard letter, compact letter, large letter and maxi letter Source: Deutsche Post – Status: July 2019 Tariff name Weight to price [EURO]Standard letter With up to three A4 pages20 g0.80 Compact letter With up to eight A4 pages50 g0.95 Large letter May be a maximum of 2 cm thick 500 g1.554 additional lines

What does a letter cost up to 50g?

Letter postage and postcard postage in GermanyProductPrice in € * WeightCompact0.95 € Print stamps **** up to 50 gLarge1.55 € Print stamps **** up to 500 gMaxi 2.70 € Print stamps **** up to 1,000 gDHL parcel4.50 € Print stamp **** up to 2,000 g2

How heavy can a letter be for 155?

Length up to 35.3 cm, width up to 25 cm, height up to 2 cm (e.g. envelopes up to DIN B4). Weight up to 500 g.

How heavy can a letter for 1 55 € be?

LetterFormatsPricesWeightStandard € 0.80 1) Print stamp 2) up to 20 gCompact € 0.95 1) Print stamp 2) up to 50 gLarge € 1.55 1) Print stamp 2) up to 500 gMaxi € 2.70 1) Print stamp 2) up to 1,000 g

How heavy can a letter for € 1 45 be?

The large letter: 1.45 euros are due for him. It can weigh up to 500 grams and be 2 centimeters high. It is also available in a square shape. Up to 95 A4 pages fit into the large letter.

What is a large letter post?

Large letter: these are the permitted dimensions. For thick stacks of paper, you must send the letter as a large letter. The weight must not exceed 500 grams. This corresponds to 95 A4 pages (on 80 gram paper). Sending a large letter with Deutsche Post costs 1.55 euros.

How big can Büwa be?

Dispatch of goods nationallyProductEssential featuresMax. WeightLetters, books and goods consignmentsBüWa 500: 35.3 x 25 x 5 cm BüWa 1,000: 35.3 x 25 x 5 cmWritten messages may not be enclosed

How high can a maxi letter be?

The following applies to the standard letter: It may be a maximum of 0.5 cm high. The decoration on it should not be too thick. Otherwise send as a large or maxi letter. A letter with a seal should be sent in a bubble envelope or sturdy cardboard envelope as a large letter (up to 2 cm high) or maxi letter (up to 5 cm high).

Can a maxi letter also be a box?

if it fits all dimensions and weights, a box can also be used as a maxi letter.

How big and how heavy can a book shipment be?

Consignment of books and goodsProductDimensions and weightPrice Consignment of books and goods 500Length: up to 35.3 cm in width: up to 25 cm in height: up to 5 cm Weight: up to 500 g1.90 EUR Consignment of books and goods 1000Length: up to 35.3 cm in width: up to 25 cm in height: Up to 5 cm weight: up to 1,000 g 2.20 EUR

What can you send as a maxi letter?

What can you put in a large letter? You can send up to 95 A4 sheets of paper in a large letter. Companies use large letters to send advertising brochures or catalogs to consumers. With this shipping method, they can send papers up to a total weight of 500g inexpensively for 1.55 euros.

What can you send in mailers?

Depending on the content and weight, you can send your mailer as a large letter, maxi letter, book or consignment of goods.

What can you send as a consignment of goods?

As a GOODS SHIPMENT, you can send samples, samples or objects of all kinds that are to be regarded as goods by their nature and are up to 15 cm high and 1,000 g in weight.

Send goods by letter?

Since January 1, 2019, goods can no longer be sent abroad in standard Deutsche Post letters. Only documents are allowed in international letters. Books are considered goods.

Sending goods internationally privately?

The following generally applies to the international dispatch of goods: Private customers: Items up to 1 kg may be dispatched as a consignment within Germany. Anything beyond that (shipments from 1 kg and / or outside of Germany) may only be sent as DHL parcels or parcels.

Send goods as a letter internationally?

International letters – From January 1st, 2019, documents can only be sent abroad in letters. Business customers can use Warenpost International to send goods, private customers please use DHL International Parcel (NEW: from € 4.89) or International Parcel for goods abroad.

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