How many states does the USA have in 2020?

How many states does the USA have in 2020?

(50 states and DC)

What belongs to USA?

North America in the narrow sense includes Greenland, Canada, the USA, most of Mexico and several island states, in a broader sense all of Central America belongs to the continent.

What is the largest state in the US?

List of states of the United States by areaStateTotal areaWater areaAlaska1,717,854 km²236,507 km²Arizona295,254 km²942 km²Arkansas137,732 km²2,876 km²Colorado269,601 km²974 km²48

What is the smallest state in the US?

Rhode Island is located in Narragansett Bay. With a total area of ​​3144 km², it is the smallest US state in terms of area. Its land area of ​​2709 km² is about as large as Saarland (2569 km²), Vorarlberg (2533 km²) or the canton of Ticino (2812 km²).

Which state in the USA is as big as Germany?

The US state with the largest area is Alaska, which is included in the first table, with a population as large as Frankfurt am Main and an area that is almost five times the size of Germany.

How big is the US?

3,797,000 square miles

How big is Texas compared to Germany?

With an area of ​​almost 700,000 square kilometers, Texas is almost twice the size of Germany and seventeen times the size of the Netherlands. The state has about 25 million inhabitants. Before joining the United States in 1845, Texas was briefly an independent republic.

How big is Florida compared to Germany?

The mega city of Miami offers exquisite nightlife, here the dance floor is hot and the drinks are guaranteed to be ice cold. The state of Florida is located in the south-east of the USA and covers an area of ​​170,000 km² (twice the size of Austria and almost two and a half times the size of Bavaria).

How big is the US compared to Europe?

According to Eurostat, the total area of ​​the 28 countries of the European Union (EU) is 4.3 million square kilometers (km²) – that is less than half the area of ​​China or the USA (9.6 or 9.8 million km²).

How big is California compared to Germany?

With an area of ​​423,970 square kilometers, California is the third largest state in the USA after Alaska and Texas. As an independent state, it would be larger than Germany and would be the 59th largest state in the world in terms of area, between Iraq and Paraguay.

How big is Australia compared to Europe?

With an area of ​​8,500,000 km², the continent is almost as big as Europe. The land mass of Australia excluding offshore islands is approximately 7,600,000 km², still more than three times the size of the largest island on earth, Greenland.

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