How many strokes in a 10 minute test?

How many strokes in a 10 minute test?

Experienced ten-finger writers achieve 200 to 400 strokes per minute in a 10-minute test. The maximum physically achievable limit is 750 keystrokes per minute.

What is a fast typing speed?

– 130-135 keystrokes per minute: corresponds to typing with two fingers, low typing speed. – 180-300 keystrokes per minute: This is a very safe way to type blindly, with good typing speed. – 300-450 keystrokes per minute: Such a typing speed is almost no longer measurable; too fast.

Which is faster to type or write?

The first step leads to literature research: According to Wikipedia1, the world record for typing with the keyboard is 821 keystrokes per minute. In the same competition, the best handwritten performance was 1454 characters per minute (counted as 422 syllables per minute).

How can you learn to type faster?

To type quickly, your hands and fingers need to rest on the keys in a specific position and return to that position when you are not typing. In short, your hands should come up slightly from your wrists and your fingers should rest gently on the “back row” of the keyboard.

How can you learn to write quickly on the PC?

In order to learn to type quickly on the keyboard, you have to increase your dexterity and “block” your hands: It is the fingers that press the keys, the hands should not move.

How can I type quickly on the keyboard?

The right fingers on the J, K, L and Ö keys. The thumbs are on the space bar. You can also assume the basic position without looking at the keyboard. The keys F and J, on which the index fingers are located, have a small bump that you can feel with your fingers.

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