How many subjects do you have to have in the Abitur?

How many subjects do you have to have in the Abitur?

The Abitur examination consists of five subjects, three of which are written and two oral (colloquium). Written and oral exams are weighted equally. Only subjects that are taken both years can be chosen.

How do you calculate the points for the Abi?

This means that you multiply the half-year grades from your advanced courses by two before adding them to the other grades. The total number of points you receive is assigned to a grade: From 768 points there is a 1.0. You failed with less than 280 points.

How is the Abitur grade made up of RLP?

The Abitur grade is made up of the achievements within the qualification phase (first block) and the Abitur exams (second block). There is also an oral examination in a basic course (GK) and, optionally, a fifth Abitur examination, which can be taken orally or as a special learning achievement (BLL).

How do you get 100 points in the Abitur?

Back to the 100-point rule: At least two exams must achieve at least 25 points, at least one of which must be an advanced course (LK). Together, all four subjects must have over 100 points. This means, for example: LK 5 points (5 x) = 25.

What happens if you don’t reach the 100 points in the Abitur?

A 6 means you don’t get a Abi. then there are deviation tests if you deviate 3.75 points from your previous grade. and then one must not write 2 deficits in the lk, so deficits in both lks means failed directly. if you otherwise fail to reach the 100 points, you can voluntarily take part in examinations.

What happens if you have 0 points in an Abitur exam?

With 0 points you failed – it doesn’t matter how good you are in the other subjects. No, 0 points are a complete diarrhea. If you write 0, you could take an oral re-exam to get at least 1 point.

When do you have the technical qualification?

The technical diploma You have already completed the school part after completing the 11th year of school at a grammar school or comprehensive school. But it is also possible to catch up on the school part at technical schools if you have already completed vocational training.

What do you need for a Fachabi degree?

Requirements here: a secondary school leaving certificate and completed vocational training. Depending on the area in which you did your apprenticeship, you also have your school focus. So technically, commercially, agriculturally or economically.

What are the requirements for the technical diploma?

Requirements for a technical high school diploma In order to be able to acquire the technical college entrance qualification at a technical college (short: FOS) or vocational school (short: BOS), the secondary school leaving certificate is required. In order to catch up on the advanced technical college entrance qualification via distance learning, it is also possible to enter a course with a secondary school diploma.

Is it possible to do a technical qualification with a normal secondary school diploma?

To the technical high school diploma with a secondary school diploma With the middle school diploma you can attend the technical college and do the technical diploma here. It is possible to receive BAföG! There are vocational high schools in some federal states. There is now also the option of studying without a university entrance qualification or a high school diploma.

What grades do you need for a technical college entrance qualification?

Almost all technical colleges now have a selection process, so you have to apply. Often a grade average of at least 3.5 in mathematics, German and English is required for the secondary school leaving certificate. Those attending the FOS can receive BAföG if certain requirements are met.

Can you do a technical qualification without a secondary school diploma?

As I said, there is no college or evening school in Bavaria where you can catch up on a secondary school diploma. Instead, you have these options: You study without a high school diploma. You can do the general high school diploma at the Telekolleg.

What do you need for Fachabi NRW?

The prerequisite for the visit is the practical part of the technical college entrance qualification, ie a completed relevant vocational training or at least four years of professional experience in the selected focus area as well as a middle school leaving certificate.

Is it possible to obtain a secondary school certificate with a secondary school leaving certificate?

Here you can catch up on your secondary school leaving certificate. Prerequisites: In order to catch up on the secondary school leaving certificate, the secondary school certificate is required. It does not matter whether you acquired this directly, i.e. at your old school, or through a second educational path.

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