How many subjects do you have to have in writing in the EF?

How many subjects do you have to have in writing in the EF?

At least 5 subjects are written subjects (= exam subjects): In German, all foreign languages ​​and mathematics, 2 exams are compulsory for every student every six months. In EF (2.

How many failures can you have?

A maximum of 900 points (grade 1.0) can be achieved. Points, ie only 4 failures are allowed. no course with 0 points. A course that has to be entered with 0 points, i.e. cannot be exchanged, e.g. LK, 3./4.PF, Deu, Ma, Sp, etc.

How many LK do you have to choose?

In the upper level of the Gymnasium (secondary level II), pupils have to choose two specialization subjects, so-called advanced courses. All other subjects are no longer taught in class, but as part of basic courses. Both in terms of content and time, the advanced courses are more intensive.

Should I choose Math LK?

if you enjoy math and get good grades in high school, I would advise you to do math; also because the chemistry-math combination will certainly offer you much better job opportunities later on. If you are scientifically gifted or if you can solve math problems diligently, I advise you to choose Math-LK.

Do you have technical qualifications if you fail to graduate?

If you do not pass the Abitur, you can certainly do your Abitur, a secondary school diploma is sufficient as a prerequisite. You can do the technical diploma either in one year (requirement for this is completed vocational training) or in 2 years (without vocational training).

Can you get the technical diploma after 12?

Anyone who leaves school after the 11th or 12th grade with the school-based part of the technical college entrance qualification does not yet have a technical college entrance qualification, as the practical part is missing. It is very common to begin vocational training in a recognized occupation after leaving school.

Can you take your high school diploma again?

No ! A final examination that has been passed once (except for MSA without a high school qualification in some federal states) cannot be repeated. If you want to work in a completely different subject area, you usually have to do an additional internship of around 3 months anyway.

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