How Many Times Was Jerriann Savelle Married

Ever wonder “How many times has jerriann Savelle been married?” There is a surprising amount of information regarding this subject. After all, she was married twice before she met her first husband, Justin Bridges. Her relationship with Jerry Savelle, her brother-in law, was the most fascinating aspect of her life. Apparently, he cheated on her multiple times and had two wives. In addition, she married and divorced four times in her life.

Jerriann Savelle is happy to have found a new friend: Kellie Copeland, a fellow Christian speaker and outreach minister. The two met while she was six months old and their friendship grew as she matured. Both shared the highs, lows, and challenges of being in the limelight. They found a new life through Jesus’ faithful love, presence, and faithfulness.

Savelle was born in Vicksburg (MS) on December 24, 1946. His ministry has offices throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. In his spare time, he writes books and speaks. His net worth is estimated to be one million dollars. Savelle is also the founder of Jerriann Ministries, a Christian non-profit organization aimed at setting people free from fear.

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