How many types of addiction are there?

How many types of addiction are there?

4. Forms of addiction: Workaholism: The workaholism is also called the respectable addiction. TV addiction: Excessive TV viewing is also an addiction. Pathological Gambling: Online Addiction: Substance Addiction. Nicotine: eating disorders: anorexia, bullimia, obesity: addiction to shopping:

What is addiction simply explained?

One speaks of dependency or addiction when a person can no longer control a certain behavior. For example, if he has to take drugs again and again. But there are also people who are addicted to shopping, playing computer games or watching television.

What is addiction bullet points?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines addiction as a state of periodic or chronic intoxication caused by repeated use of a natural or synthetic drug. The following criteria are decisive here: Indomitable desire to take and obtain the remedy.

What is Addiction Explained for Children?

An addiction is when someone has a constant desire to do something. So he is dependent on something. It might even harm him. People can become addicted to certain substances such as alcohol or nicotine found in cigarettes and many other things.

How do you explain drugs to a child?

The word ‘drug’ comes from French and means ‘vegetable or animal raw material’. Drugs were originally substances from which medicines or remedies were made. To this day, the shops where you can buy certain medicines without a doctor’s prescription are also called drugstores.

What can you do about addiction?

“Seeking help is therefore an important first step in finding yourself again. A good way of getting initial information is by offering help over the phone. For example, there is the anonymous addiction and drug hotline with the nationwide number 1.

What does addiction do to people?

Reward Effect & Conditioning. Addiction is understood as a learned reaction that is controlled by a “drug memory”. According to the latest scientific findings, addictive substances activate various messenger substances, especially the messenger substance dopamine, in a specific area of ​​the brain.

What triggers addiction in the brain?

Addiction is a disorder of the reward system in the brain. Drugs act directly in the brain and lead to an increase in dopamine release. A sense of achievement at work, in computer games or when gambling can also activate the reward system and become addictive.

What are the causes of addiction?

Addiction has many causes. Various factors intertwine in its formation and persistence. For example, previous life experiences, the social environment and the mode of action of a certain drug are important. There is a saying that “addiction comes from seeking”.

How do you find out if you’re addicted?

In order to be able to speak of addiction or dependency in a person, several criteria must be met. These include, among other things, the overpowering desire to consume a drug or an intoxicant, withdrawal symptoms or the intake of increasing amounts of the drug.

How do I know if I’m addicted to alcohol?

Recognizing hazardous alcohol useYou drink more and more.You drink in larger quantities.You like to drink alone.You drink more than you intended.You drink so much that you lose your memory.You continue to drink despite the negative consequences.You hide how much you drink.

How do you know if you are addicted to the internet?

When someone completely loses control of their Internet use, constantly thinking about what they want to do next on the Internet even when they can’t be online at the moment, when the amount of time someone is in front of the computer is increasing (at least seven hours and sometimes significantly more), then …

How do you know if you are addicted to drugs?

According to ICD-10, the diagnosis of dependence can only be made if at least three of the following criteria have been present simultaneously during the last 12 months: A strong desire or some kind of compulsion to use psychotropic substances.

What are withdrawal symptoms?

Physical withdrawal symptoms occur when the body has already changed due to the constant intake of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms set in a few hours after the last dose, peaking after 24 to 48 hours. These are characterized by: restlessness, sweating and tremors.

Is internet addiction a disease?

The WHO wants to classify excessive video games as a disease.

Can an addiction be cured?

Although addiction cannot be cured, it can be easily managed with the help of suitable measures. Experts say no. At least not in the real sense. Addicts never manage to find a controlled way of dealing with the addictive substance or the addictive behavior.

Can you cure an addiction?

Treatment and therapy options for an addiction For most of those affected, absolute abstinence is the therapy goal; only a very small minority manages with controlled use (eg “controlled drinking” or methadone administration).

Why do you become physically dependent?

physical dependence This is followed by psychotropic drugs such as barbiturates, opiates (heroin, methadone, opium), cocaine, cannabis/marijuana, hallucinogens (e.g. LSD), amphetamines (e.g. speed), organic solvents (sniffing addiction) and modern designer drugs (e.g. ecstasy).

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