How many words is in the first Harry Potter book?

How many words is in the first Harry Potter book?

For example volume 1 has exactly 81 123 words, volume 2 has 86 923 words, volume 3 has 110 235 words…

What happens to unsold books?

What happens to my book if it doesn’t make the bestseller lists? A book that does not sell well is returned to the publishers by the booksellers, who are then referred to as returns, because booksellers buy on commission.

When can books be reduced?

Books on sale that nevertheless have fixed prices: After a certain minimum period, publishers are allowed to lower the prices of their books – for example, if a work has not sold as expected. The lower price is then still firmly bound.

Which books are not price-controlled?

So. The Book Price Fixing Act applies in Germany. This means that German books are price-controlled. Exceptions are English/American/foreign language books. ….all those who come from countries where price maintenance does not apply.

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