How many words of motivation letter?

How many words of motivation letter?

250 to 300 words are quite sufficient. Does your cover letter (including greeting, closing formula, address, etc.!)

How do I formulate an application correctly?

Make it clear that you are applying and what you are applying for: “I hereby apply”. If you can refer to an interview at a trade fair or to a telephone call, bring this up. You can also mention the reference to a job advertisement here.

Is a dual degree right for me?

Pro dual studies: The practical relevance is very important to you. If your interests are specifically geared to one of the sectors involved, then you are on the right track with a dual study program. For “normal” studies: Self-organization is your strength.

Is a dual degree better?

The early and concrete specialization is the absolute advantage of the dual study program for many interested parties. Compared to normal full-time studies, however, critics can also see this as a disadvantage. You think comparatively little outside the box and commit yourself early on.

Is a dual degree really that exhausting?

Dual studies are exhausting, because instead of semester breaks, practical work is the order of the day. You have to write all exams by the deadline and have little freedom in your studies. If you are an average or faster learner, you can do it well, if you need a little more time, you can hardly cope with the stress.

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