How many words should a letter of motivation have?

How many words should a letter of motivation have?

In too many exams, we had the goal of reaching a certain number of words or pages. This minimum thinking is completely out of place here: Recruiters have enough to do and certainly don’t want to work overtime for excessive cover letters. 250 to 300 words are quite sufficient.

What is not allowed in an application?

You should avoid these words in your application. Being creative is demanded everywhere, which is why applicants tend to include this quality in their application – regardless of whether it really applies or not. Innovative. Years of work experience. Responsible. Result-oriented. Dynamic. Multiple Founder. Motivated.More entries…•

How many MB should an online application have?

The perfect attachment to an e-mail application has a maximum data size of 5 megabytes and is split into no more than three documents. Programs such as TinyPic and Co. make it possible to reduce the size of your original files (scans of certificates, etc.).

How big can an email attachment be for an application?

Appendix. The attachment to an email application often causes the biggest problems. It starts with the size. Make sure that the attachment does not exceed 3 MB.

Which is better application by email or post?

Application by email. The application by e-mail is the more cost-effective alternative to applying by post. There are no paper, printing and postage costs and you don’t need a folder either. Write a short cover letter in the e-mail and attach the other attachments – preferably in PDF format.

How can I send my application by email?

Clearly refer to the job posting you are applying for in the subject line of the email. In this way, your application documents will be assigned much faster. It is essential that you write the word “application” and the specific name of the advertised position in the subject line.

What do I write when I apply online?

In terms of content, the online application is the same as the postal application. Here, too, you usually need a cover letter, cover sheet and CV as well as an appendix with references and certificates.

How should an application by e-mail look like?

Application by e-mailAn application in the web form or by e-mail must be prepared just as carefully as the classic paper application folder. All attachments must be bundled in one PDF, otherwise the HR manager has to open umpteen documents and is annoyed. Make sure that your PDF attachment does not exceed 4 or 5 MB.

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