How much can you earn in the internship semester?

How much can you earn in the internship semester?

The average intern salary is 1,098.67 euros. The average compulsory internship is remunerated at 940 euros. The average voluntary internship is remunerated at 1,239.75 euros.

Can interns be charged in the sliding zone?

Attention: The regular contribution rates also apply to wages between 450.01 and 850 euros. The sliding zone may not be used for interns! If they do not receive any wages, there are no social security contributions.

How are student interns insured?

In order not to burden the training facilities and to protect the interns, a new regulation has been made: Interns are now partially insured in the schoolchildren’s and student accident insurance, but the general performance-related provisions are applied in some points.

Do you have to pay social security as an intern?

For internships during their studies, which are stipulated in the study or examination regulations, students do not pay any social security contributions – regardless of how long the internship lasts and how high the remuneration or the weekly working hours.

Which person group code for interns?

The person group code 105 applies to interns.

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