How much do you earn if you work in the Sparkasse?

How much do you earn if you work in the Sparkasse?

Savings Bank Advisor Salaries in Germany Employees who work in a Savings Bank Advisor job earn an average salary of around €49,900. The upper limit in the profession of consultant/in savings banks is €60,700. The lower limit, on the other hand, is around €43,100.

How much does a financial advisor at Sparkasse earn?

The typical Sparkasse Financial Advisor salary is €Mar 2020

How much does a customer advisor at Sparkasse earn?

The typical Sparkasse Client Advisor salary is €46,274. Bank Account Manager salaries at Sparkasse can range from €29,445-€67,483.

What is the salary of a savings bank manager?

The Savings Bank Director and the Chancellor Angela Merkel currently earns around 300,000 euros a year, which is certainly a lot, but compared to the Savings Bank Director it is at most one-fifth of his salary.

How much does a bank employee earn per month?

a bank clerk as a starting salary of around 2,200 to 2,500 euros gross per month. Depending on the area of ​​responsibility and tariff group, however, income can vary greatly. Many banks also pay Christmas or holiday bonuses, which again noticeably drives up income.

What does a savings bank boss earn?

But the financial house is surprisingly already revealing one thing: the salary of its CEO Alexander Wüerst. He earned 953,000 euros last year. That is a good 40,000 euros less than in the previous year. Nevertheless, the head of the savings bank is close to the million mark.

How much does a Bank Manager make?

According to the salary comparison, as a bank director you earn between 3,178 and 12,336 euros gross per month. The nationwide average salary is 6,143 euros. On average, men earn EUR 6,015 and women EUR 5,179.

How to become a bank director

There is no set educational path for working as a bank director. One way to acquire the necessary skills is to study banking. For example, the course in banking, finance, accounting and taxation is ideal.

How much does a Bank Branch Manager make?

In your dream job as a bank branch manager, you can expect to earn up to €75,300. However, you can count on a salary of at least €55,500.

Which bank pays the most salary?

Top dogs of the financial companies with the best earning potential. Deutsche Bank takes the top two places, which, according to the analysis, pays the highest basic salaries at 68,544 euros (median). Commerzbank follows in second place, offering a comparable wage level of EUR 66,625.

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