How much do you earn in market research?

How much do you earn in market research?

Market researcher salaries in Germany As a market researcher you can expect an average salary of € 47,600. The salary range as a market researcher is between € 40,900 and € 58,000. There are currently many open positions for market researchers in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

What do you do in market research?

Market researchers look at different areas such as markets, consumer goods and activities of people from a special point of view. A distinction is made between two types of market research, qualitative and quantitative market research.

Why work in market research?

It is the task of market research to ensure through its work that companies and institutions are informed about the structures, attitudes and behavior of target groups as well as about conditions and developments in interesting markets for their decisions.

How much do you earn in marketing?

The starting salary in marketing is around 51,000 euros gross. If you have tax class 1, these are euros net per year. With professional experience, the average salary is 60,196 euros.

How much do you earn in online marketing?

The SEO manager is hot on the heels of the all-rounder online marketing manager: He earns an average of between 39,000 euros and up to 75,000 euros a year. The content manager’s salary is between 37,700 euros and around 70,000 euros.

What kind of marketing jobs are there?

In general, the following professions come into question: Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Online Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Media Planner, Sales Manager (Sales), Market Researcher, Project Manager.

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