How much do you earn working in the lab?

How much do you earn working in the lab?

If you work as a laboratory employee, you are likely to earn at least €28,100 and at best €40,800. The average salary is €35,700. Most jobs as a laboratory employee are currently offered in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

Where can you work as an MTLA?

The main employers of medical-technical laboratory assistants are clinics, laboratory doctors, investigation offices, scientific institutions or pharmaceutical companies. In the field of molecular biology, however, universities and private institutes are increasingly looking for a suitable MTLA.

Which school-leaving certificate do I need for the MTA school?

The school requirement to start training as an MTA is the intermediate educational qualification. This is achieved after completing the 10th grade and is also known as a secondary school leaving certificate, intermediate school leaving certificate or technical college entrance qualification.

What do you do in a hospital laboratory?

The laboratory in the hospital is set up for the work without which the doctors would not be able to diagnose and draw up healing plans: blood and tissue samples, body fluids and swabs are examined for pathogens, antibodies and other indications of diseases.

How much does a lab technician make?

On average, a laboratory assistant in Quality Control earns CHF 6,385 per month. Half of them receive between CHF 5,069 and CHF 7,746 per month.

What is there for medical professions?

Medical professions – the top 7Nursing specialist.Physiotherapist.Medical assistant.Pharmaceutical technical assistant.Ergotherapist.Speech therapist.Emergency paramedic.

Which profession suits me trainee?

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