How much does 6 times physiotherapy cost?

How much does 6 times physiotherapy cost?

The additional payment consists of a flat rate of 10 euros, which must be paid per prescription (prescription fee) and a 10% personal contribution to the costs of the treatment. So anyone who receives a prescription for 6x physiotherapy from the doctor pays: 10 euros flat rate per prescription.

What does the AOK pay for physiotherapy?

The AOK covers the costs of the treatment. Your statutory co-payment is ten percent of the treatment costs for medicinal therapy and ten euros per prescription.

How much does home visit physical therapy cost?

How much does physiotherapy cost as a home visit? The price per therapy hour (60 minutes) is 90 euros.

How much does a physiotherapy session cost?

Physiotherapeutic services (self-payer)ServiceUnitPrice with prescriptionPhysical gymnastics20 minutes25.50 €Physical gymnastics30 minutes38.00 €Physical gymnastics (Bobath, Vojta, PNF)30 minutes39.00 €Manual therapy20 minutes30.00 €18 •

How much does a treatment by a physiotherapist cost?

Our prices:ServicePermanently privatePhysiotherapy (KG)20 min.27.70€lymphatic drainage (MLD 30)30 min.28.00€lymphatic drainage (MLD 45)45 min.41.40€lymphatic drainage (MLD 60)60 min.

How much does lymphatic drainage cost on prescription?

Remedies in the social-legal sense are external treatment methods such as physiotherapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, ergotherapy or speech therapy. If medicines are prescribed by a doctor, the health insurance company will cover the costs. The patient usually has to pay: €10 per prescription plus 10% of the cost of the medication.

How often do you get a prescription for lymphatic drainage?

maximum six treatments per prescription for LY2a. A so-called long-term need for medicinal products exists if the disease is included in the diagnosis list of the therapeutic products directive. In the case of a long-term need for medicinal products, the doctor’s budget is not burdened.

Which doctor can prescribe lymphatic drainage for me?

The doctor, for example a family doctor, lymphologist or dermatologist, can issue a prescription for manual lymphatic drainage as a so-called remedy due to medical necessity. Health insurance pays for the treatment. The patient only has to pay the statutory co-payment.

Which doctor is responsible for lipoedema?

Phlebologists (vein doctors), vascular specialists and lymphologists are the right people to contact so that lipoedema can be reliably identified. The doctor makes the diagnosis based on several criteria.

Which doctor for lymphatic congestion?

It is therefore important to diagnose and treat it as early as possible. Therefore, if you suspect lymphedema, contact your general practitioner or a specialist in internal medicine immediately.

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