How much does a Childhood Educator make?

How much does a Childhood Educator make?

Childhood educator is your dream job? In this job you can expect a minimum salary of €31,300, but on average you earn €36,800. If you earn above average, your salary will be around €43,100.

Where can you work as a childhood educator?

Professional fields in which childhood educators work are also the traditional areas of activity of educators such as crèches, kindergartens, after-school clubs, integration kindergartens and after-school clubs, all-day schools, facilities for the disabled, youth welfare facilities, homes as well as children and …

What can you do with childhood education?

Childhood educators research the development, upbringing and education of children. They design concepts for the support of children, advise parents on educational issues or take on managerial tasks in educational institutions.

Why study childhood education?

With their expertise, they help parents create the best environment for their children to learn and develop. But in order to become a childhood educator, you must have completed a childhood education degree.

What does it take to become a teacher?

In order to study education at a university, you need the Abitur or the subject-specific higher education entrance qualification. You can also study at technical colleges and teacher training colleges with the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Some universities also require a pre-study internship.

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