How much does a high school teacher make?

How much does a high school teacher make?

Gross wages (before social security contributions are paid) are displayed. On average, a high school teacher earns CHF 6,450 per month. Half of them receive between CHF 4,866 and CHF 8,225 per month.

How much does a teacher make in Switzerland?

How much does a teacher earn in Switzerland As a teacher, you earn between CHF 51,000 and CHF 166,500 gross per year.

How to become a judge

If you want to become a judge, you will complete a 9-semester law degree and complete it with the first state examination. You then go through the 2-year preparatory service, the so-called legal clerkship, until you take your second state exam.

How much does a politician make?

In 1997, a starting amount of 100,000 schillings gross per month (7,267.28 euros) was set for each member of the National Council. According to the constitution, this amount must be adjusted annually by the President of the Court of Auditors. In 2017 it was 8,755.80 euros.

How much does a Member of Parliament earn?

Compensation of Members of Parliament Compensation of Members of Parliament Period Flat-rate costs (at current prices) 1.7.461.7.381.7.9724

How much does a President earn?

The sum currently amounts to 214,000 euros per year. The additional expense allowance of 78,000 euros (as of January 2013), on the other hand, is only due to the incumbent, not the past president.

How much does a federal councilor earn?

The gross annual income of a Federal Councilor is CHF 454,581 (as of 1

How much does a pilot earn?

The starting salary of a pilot is around 2,200 to over 5,000 euros gross per month – depending on whether you start as a captain or co-pilot and which airline you start with. With increasing professional experience and the acquisition of further qualifications, you can make it far in terms of salary.

How can I become Federal Councilor?

In Switzerland, the Federal Council is elected by the United Federal Assembly. The election takes place every four years in December. A new election can also become necessary at any time if a member of the Federal Council has resigned.

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