How much does a Public Service Archivist make?

How much does a Public Service Archivist make?

The average salary for archivists is €2,990 gross per month (approx. €35,880 gross per year), which is €130 (+5%) higher than the average monthly salary in Germany. As an archivist you earn between a minimum of €1,970 gross per month and a maximum of over €5,500 gross per month.

How to become an archivist

To become an archivist, you can complete a university degree in archiving or archival science. The archival specialist training prepares you for a current professional activity in archiving.

What does an archivist do?

An archivist collects, evaluates, organizes, indexes and manages documents that may be of use to us or future generations. The archivist preserves the rest and catalogs them, because the archivist is also responsible for storage and conservation.

What do you do in an archive?

In an archive you will not only find written paper, but also photos, maps and plans, posters, maybe also film and sound recordings, but you will primarily find written things, i.e. files, documents, letters, contracts, notes, newspapers or.

What are archival materials?

Archival material is then concretely tangible or digitally generated or producible components of the archival material that is kept in an archival institution and can be used according to certain regulations.

What is a city archive?

This category includes the archives of communities that manage and look after their archive material independently. A limitation to D, A, CH is not intended, but currently the articles mainly come from this area.

What is an archivist?

The archivist accepts, evaluates, indexes and secures written material that is handed over by public and private administrations as well as by private individuals for long-term storage. An archivist can also be the curator of private estates and collections to be preserved.

Where and for what are there archives?

Archives are there to store important information permanently. While books always exist in greater numbers, sources only exist once. Books are printed with the intention of imparting knowledge or ideas to a wider readership.

What is a finding aid?

Finding aids, also referred to as maps of the archives in the 19th century, represent the connection between the level of the holdings of an archive and the level of the individual files.

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