How much does a Public Service Physiotherapist earn?

How much does a Public Service Physiotherapist earn?

For example, anyone who accepts a position as a physiotherapist in the public sector is paid according to the public sector collective agreement (TvöD for short). In such a case, the gross starting salary is EUR 2,100 (salary level 7).

How much does a qualified physiotherapist earn?

The range in the ÖD ranges from almost 2600 euros to 3280 euros due to the respective professional experience. According to the portal, physiotherapists earn the best in Hesse, followed by Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. In these federal states, the average annual gross is over 28,000 euros.

What does the AOK pay?

The AOK PLUS covers the treatment costs for necessary preventive or rehabilitation measures. This also includes mother or father-child cures. Vaccinations protect you on long-distance travel. The AOK PLUS reimburses the costs for all vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission.

Which health insurance covers physiotherapy?

If the physiotherapy is carried out on the basis of a doctor’s prescription, the prescribed treatment will be covered by your health insurance company (after deduction of the deductible). Basic insurance does not cover treatment without a doctor’s prescription.

What does health insurance pay for manual therapy?

For a treatment, physiotherapists get between thirteen and fifteen euros from the health insurance companies. The co-payment for the patient is ten percent of the treatment costs and ten euros per prescription.

How much does an hour of manual therapy cost?

Physiotherapy BenefitRemuneration according to GKV1.8 times the remunerationKG21.11 €38.00 €Manual therapy25.35 €45.63 €Classic massage therapy15.40 €27.72 €Man. Lymph drainage 45 min. €38.42 €69.16

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