how much does a stairs cost in ireland

How Much Does a Stairs Cost in Ireland?

If you’re wondering how much a staircase should cost, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the materials, stages, and costs involved in building a staircase. We’ll also look at the costs involved with building curved stairs.

Building a staircase

When you are planning to install a staircase, you will need to consider a number of factors such as the materials used and the type of tradesmen to hire. The cost of hiring an Architect can be as low as PS200 per day, or you can also choose to hire a specialist designer at a rate of around PS1,000 per completed job. However, it is important to get at least three quotes from various tradesmen so that you can be sure that you are getting the best value for money.

Firstly, you will need to decide the style of stairs you want. You can either opt for traditional or modern designs, and there are several different materials to choose from. You may decide to go for steel, glass, or wood – it all depends on your taste. There are also a few regulations that need to be adhered to, such as the minimum depth of each step and the minimum height of each step. You will also need to make sure that there is sufficient headroom on the landing. Additionally, the pitch of the staircase should be less than 42 degrees.


The materials cost of stairs depends on the material used to make the stairs. Metal or glass panels can be used. Metal balustrades are usually the cheapest choice, though custom glass balustrades can cost as much as PS150 per metre. The next cost is the paint, which varies in price depending on the colour and type. For a typical staircase, it may cost around PS60 for two litres.

Another factor that affects materials costs is the design of the staircase. Stairs may be straight or curved, with or without handrails. Straight staircases can be made from softwood or hardwood. They may have a half landing.

Construction stages

Before deciding how much your new stairs will cost, it’s important to get accurate measurements of all the components involved in their construction. These will include the floor finishes, architraves, radiators and window sills. Taking these measurements on site is best done as late as possible, when the building is still in its preliminary stages. It’s also recommended that the stairs are installed a few days before occupancy, after walls have been plastered and floors have been finished.

Costs of curved staircases

Curved staircases can be an expensive addition to your home. They must be structurally sound, and have the necessary safety components. The finish of the stairs should be simple but durable. The materials used for the staircase also affect the price. Choosing a less expensive material with a complex design can reduce the price, while choosing a more elaborate design may increase the overall cost.

Curved staircases are generally more expensive than straight staircases. Their cost is determined by the complexity of the design, materials used, and number of steps. For example, a spiral staircase can cost up to twice as much as a straight staircase. Depending on the type of materials used, curved staircases may be built from steel or timber.

Prices of flat-pack kits

Using a flat-pack kit is a great way for a DIY enthusiast to build stairs for their home. These kits are modular and can be put together in one day. Most suppliers carry a range of models. They are available at a variety of prices and can be purchased from a local store or online.

Most kits come with an instruction manual and a set of drawings. These drawings are very useful to have as they allow you to see the layout before installing it. If you want a more elaborate staircase, you can also hire an Architect or a specialist designer. They typically charge around PS1,000 for a complete job. Similarly, a Carpenter will generally charge around PS125 per day for a standard staircase. However, you should check with your local council to make sure that you’re not breaking any building regulations before installing your new staircase.

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