How Much Does A Typical Mochila Cost In Usa

How Much Does a Typical Mochila Cost in the United States?

How much is a mochila in the United States worth? You will be surprised at the answer, as it will vary for each country. Here are some tips for finding the right price tag:

The Wayuu are an indigenous group from Colombia. Their textiles, known as Mochila Bags, are crafted by women using intricate crochet techniques. Wayuu patterns tell stories about the clans, culture, dreams and daily life. They are unique pieces and have a long history. Your Wayuu Mochila bag will be a treasured possession.

The quality of the mochila and the materials used determine its price. Many mochilas are made entirely by hand and are passed down from mother to daughter. Mochilas are available in a range of prices, from $120 to more than $2,250. Some mochilas cost more than $200 in boutiques, and others are cheaper and of poorer quality. Authenticity is important, so mochilas can cost anywhere from two to three hundred dollars.

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