How much does an FBI agent make per month?

How much does an FBI agent make per month?

A typical Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent salary is $136,900. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent salaries can range from $109,542-$171,802.6 days ago

How long does FBI agent training take?

The FBI: Trigger-happy agents fighting evil. They are trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

What does the FBI Director earn?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director salaries can range from $131,981-$142,447.

How much does the CIA make?

The starting salary of a CIA analyst is $49,861. The Wall Street deals offer the CIA people the opportunity to increase their salaries without having to leave their employers.

What is the FBI allowed to do?

The overview: The FBI (“Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” motto) is responsible for violations of all federal laws. Because one of its tasks is the investigation and prosecution of espionage, the FBI is one of the American intelligence services.

What does FBI mean pronounced?

FBI stands for: Federal Bureau of Investigation, the federal investigative agency of the US Department of Justice.

Does Germany have something like the FBI?

FBI officials are stationed in US embassies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

What is an LKA officer?

A State Criminal Police Office (LKA) is an institution of the German state police that exists in each of the 16 states. It is usually a higher state authority – sometimes there are dependent parts of the authority.

What is the LKA?

The highest police authority in the state How the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) works

What is the BKA responsible for?

As the internationally active central office of the German police, the BKA conducts investigations, researches, develops, analyzes and has tasks in the area of ​​personal protection. The goal is clear: fight crime and make Germany a safe place.

What is the criminal police responsible for?

Detectives investigate crime scenes, secure evidence, interview suspects, question witnesses and victims, and try to make connections, solve crimes, and arrest criminals.

Who protects the borders?

The federal police have many tasks: They protect the borders of Germany.

How much does a detective inspector earn at the BKA?

Status and salary During your career training you will receive a basic salary of currently 1,511.86 euros (monthly gross amount).

How much does a Detective Inspector make?

As a trained inspector, you work in the public sector. You are a senior civil servant and are paid according to the federal salary scale. In the higher police service, you fall into salary group A 9 and accordingly receive a gross starting salary of 2,595 euros per month.

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