How Much Does Breast Surgery Cost In South Africa

Breast lift surgery is a great option for women who want to look natural and youthful. This procedure uses your own breast tissue to achieve better symmetry and contouring. These surgeries are ideal for women who want to keep their youthful appearance. Though breast lift surgery costs are expensive, the procedure will give you a more youthful look without adding extra volume. The procedure is often combined with other cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation or reduction.

Breast surgery is often performed to correct irregularities in breast shape and size. The procedure involves inserting a silicone gel implant through an incision in the breast tissue. This prosthesis can be either round or anatomical. Round implants are used to create fuller breasts and anatomical implants are used to enhance the shape of the breasts. However, there is a risk that silicone implants may leak or collapse and need to be replaced. An ultrasound test conducted by an ultrasound technician can detect if a breast implants is defective.

South Africa has excellent cosmetic surgeons and world-class hospitals. Some hospitals offer all-inclusive packages for breast augmentation or face lift. This makes the process affordable for even those on a tight budget. While the cost of surgery will vary depending on the extent of the procedure, the basic prices are very affordable. For example, Evolution Cosmetic’s all-inclusive package will cost around PS2,900. A facelift will set you back anywhere from PS4,200 to PS5,800.

The average price of breast lift surgery in South Africa is R85,000 (around $6,600). The cost includes the hospital stay, medications, and the operation fee. So, R85,000 is roughly equivalent to $6,000 in today’s money. The cost of breast reduction surgery in South Africa is similar to that of a breast lift. A typical Nigerian should budget #2.5 million Naira for a breast reduction surgery.

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