How Much Does Dean Blundell Get Paid

How Much Does Dean Blundell Get Paid As a Sportscaster?

The media mogul is one of the most popular sportscasters in the world, but the question is: how much does Dean Blundell make? His salary is not known so it’s a complex question. Blundell is currently working on a digital brand that includes live streaming and is financing his venture himself. Blundell doesn’t have any details about his financial model and doesn’t know how many people are subscribers to his show. He has stated that he plans on using the podcasts to build anticipation for live appearances.

The first thing to note is that Blundell’s website is not very popular. It had just 22,500 unique visitors per monthly as of April 2017. This is low by any standards. Website analysis tools put that figure at 223,500 visitors in the last six month, or 37.250 per month. So, if Blundell makes that much money as a sportscaster, he must be a hit on his own show!

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