How Much Does Exo Global Package Cost

Exo Global Package – Price, Options, and Payment Period

Before making the decision of buying a Global Package, you should know the details of it. We’ll discuss the Price, Options, and Payment period. Also, you’ll learn about the SM’s website. Once you’ve learned about these factors, you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you.


Exo’s Global Package is currently selling for $2,495 per person. This price does not include the cost of concert tickets, travel insurance, hotel transfer, or food. If you are planning on attending special fan events, you will need to purchase separate tickets to those events. In addition, the Global Package doesn’t include special perks like lunch, such as photocards and wristbands.


If you’re interested in seeing an Exo concert in Seoul, you should know that the cost of a Global Package will vary. The more expensive packages can easily go into the four-digit range. In Seoul, the most expensive package is the EXplOration Premium Package, which starts at USD 1,079!

Payment period

The Global Package offers many benefits for the buyer. First of all, the package includes a hotel room at a four-star hotel for several nights. In addition, it offers a sightseeing tour with a local tour guide. This package includes a variety of other benefits as well. Once the buyer has made the reservation, they need to pay for it within a specified period of time.

SM’s website

The SM Global Package is a concert-goer package that includes a concert ticket, a hotel stay, and a number of freebies. The packages include special pillows, a knee blanket bearing the group’s logo, and other goodies. You can find out how much each package costs on SM’s website.

Ticket prices are broken down by course letter, starting with course A (one night), and continuing up to course B (two nights, three days, and four nights). The premium package costs more than the others, and features a themed room, extra goods, and a surprise event. Each package includes a hotel room, concert ticket, and a shuttle bus ride to the concert.

The website is very secure, but you must have an account to access the information. If you want to see other packages, you must register with the SM website to get more detailed information. Then, you can compare prices and read reviews of each package.

ACE membership

If you’re curious about how much ACE membership costs with the Exo global package, you have come to the right place. While signing up for the Global Package is free, you will need to pay the ACE membership separately. You’ll receive a special gift and a free EXO necklace. You’ll also receive a pack of EXO souvenirs, including pencils, two sheets of letter writing paper, stickers, and a printed message card from the group.

If you’d like to become an ACE member, you need to first fill out basic public information. Basic members will get the app anytime, but they won’t get the perks of ACE membership. Then, they’ll need to spend an annual fee, which will give them access to additional perks. ACE members will also receive special benefits such as exclusive merchandise from the KWANGYA brand. SM has also announced plans to introduce a variety of other content in the ACE world, including a digital passport and culture experience space exhibitions.

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