How Much Does It Cost To Print Stickers In Nigeria

How Much Does It Cost To Print Stickers In Nigeria?

How much does it cost for stickers to be printed in Nigeria? In this article, we will explain the process. Bumper stickers are labels that are meant to be stuck on the bumper to allow other drivers to see them. They are generally made from PVC. TescomNG can help design and print full-color bumper sticker that is trimmed to your specifications. The price depends on how large you need your stickers to be.

For smaller jobs, round stickers are about 3.5 inches in diameter and start at N 9,000 per 100. Roll-up banners with a large base cost N 27,600 per inch. While $5 for big stickers might seem high, a keychain should be priced at around three to five dollars depending on its size and materials. These small quantities are a good choice for marketing campaigns and promoting products.

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